The internet makes us smarter

A very large group of scientists, more than 900, have recently studied the way Internet affects our lives and how it will affect the next 10 years of our lives. Their conclusions are very optimistic.

75% of them said that the Internet has a positive effect on the human intellect. They also said that writing, reading and in general the understanding capacity are enriched due to the Internet.

Also, the majority of scientists contradicted the idea that, for a few years now, using the Internet has started to reduce our concentration ability.

Just a few scientists said that due to the fact that we easily find information online this can lead to an “intellectual laziness” and that instead to think for ourselves we rather search for the answer online.

The scientists conclusions on this subject are at best, relative. Let’s take for example the statement according to which The Internet improves writing. Really? Isn’t grammar just ignored by most people who write or read on the Internet? How many times have we noticed huge errors in spelling and grammar online ?

Presently, the effects of the Internet and mobile phones on users are subjects that are often debated. It’s still too soon to notice any side effects. The fact that scientists support an idea, this doesn’t make it true. We lack the experience of using this technology for a long time.