Star Wars The Old Republic MMO is very expensive

Eric Brown, economic director of Electronic Arts said that the game made by Bioware, Star Wars: The Old Republic, is the most expensive game the company has ever created in it’s 30 years of existance.

Brown said in a press conference in New York that their new MMOG ( massively multiplayer online game ) is the biggest EA projects in histry. Although he didn’t gave exact numbers, he said that the medium price for such a title is in general 30 million dollars, but an MMO ” has a much higher price”.

He also suggested that World of WarCraft ” has made Blizzard pay 100 million dollars or even more” suggesting that The Old Republic might cost the same.

The Old Republic is the second MMO in the Star Wars universe after the failure named Star Wars Galaxies, developed by Sony Online Entertainment. The new game is a direct sequel of the two single-player Knights Of The Old Republic that appeared for Xbox and PC, the first is developed by Bioware and the second by Obsidian Entertainment.

The Old Republic should be available in the spring of 2011.

Star Wars The Old Republic