Download Lavasoft Ad-Aware Anti-Spyware


Without a doubt, Lavasoft Ad-Aware is the most performant and popular anti-spyware free software out there! There also are paid versions of this anti-spyware software but for a pc/laptop that you use at home, the free version offers enough protection against Internet attacks.

Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2008 details:

- protection against trojans, worms, spyware, bots and other malware attacks with the help of CSI technology.

- rootkit identify and destroy system

- integrated TrackSweep system. This service erases saved passwords, cookies, history and any other tracks you leave behind while surfing the net. It was Opera, Internet Exporer, Firefox, Safari browser support.

- Lavasoft ThreatWork – this service allows you to send suspicious files to Lavasoft for analysis.

-  System Restore Point – the files that were altered during a malware attack can be restored.

- Free unlimited updates that include the latest protection solutions against the newest spyware and malware threats.

- Lavasoft Anti-Spyware has an intuitive graphical interface, easy to install and configure.

You can download this software here:

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